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Pink Bunny Hugs Mini Nappy Cake

Pink Bunny Hugs Mini Nappy Cake


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Introducing our 'Pink Bunny Hugs' Mini Nappy Cake, which is a delightful and practical baby gift that blends premium essentials with a whimsical touch.

it is perfect for all celebrations like baby showers, gender reveals, or welcoming a precious new arrival as this charming creation is just captivating.

Firstly, The Key Features You Will Find in This Adorable Baby Gift Are:

  • 9x Premium Pampers nappies for ultimate comfort.
  • A soft white muslin wrapping for mopping up any spills.
  • a soft 16cm pink bunny soft plush toy from Keel Toys, for your child's magical adventures.
  • and a Rosebud-shaped flower made out of pink socks for added charm.

Looking inside this adorable mini nappy cake, you will discover that each nappy has been  carefully rolled.

These nappies have been wrapped in a soft, white muslin, and handtied with a satin pink ribbon to give a pop of colour.

Resulting in a visually appealing, delightful and practical baby gift, whilst ensuring the utmost comfort and care for your baby.

Secondly and Most importantly, is the 'Pink Bunny Hugs' Showstopper:

At the pinnacle of this mini masterpiece sits a pink bunny from Keel Toys, a 16cm soft plush companion in delightful baby pink hues.

This pink bunny plush toy is an enchanting eco-friendly companion meticulously crafted as part of Keel Toys' renowned Keeleco Range.

Meanwhile, this plush is Eco-Friendly:

Crafted with the utmost care, this eco-friendly comforting soft toy is sustainable as its made entirely from recycled materials.

This pink bunny is a magical friend that will accompany the little one on countless adventures.

Finally, we come to the Delicate details: 

Within the folds of this mini nappy cake, you'll find a pair of pink socks shaped into a delicate rosebud.

Beyond their practical use, these socks add a sweet and decorative touch, embodying the essence of joy and celebration.

In Conclusion, this mini nappy cake is the Perfect Gift Option:

Whatever occasion you're attending this 'Pink Bunny Hugs' Mini Nappy Cake is the perfect affordable baby gift.

Thoughtful, practical, and irresistibly charming, this baby gift symbolizes love and joy for the growing family.

Celebrate those precious moments with a touch of magic and essential comfort every new parent will appreciate.


This joyful nappy cake holds:

- 9 premium Pampers nappies
- Soft white muslin wrap
- 16cm Long Eared Pink Bunny
- Pair of pink socks shaped into a rosebud

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