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Blue Bunny Hugs Mini Nappy Cake

Blue Bunny Hugs Mini Nappy Cake


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Introducing our 'Blue Bunny Hugs' Mini Nappy Cake – a delightful celebration in a compact and charming package, perfect for commemorating the arrival of a precious little one. This mini masterpiece is a thoughtful blend of practicality and cuteness, making it an ideal choice for baby showers, gender reveals, new arrival occasions, or even as a heartfelt gift from a loving sibling.

At the core of this sweet creation are 9 premium Pampers nappies, carefully arranged to ensure both functionality and comfort for the newest member of the family. Each nappy is artfully wrapped in a soft white muslin, exuding an air of purity, and tied with a beautiful dusty blue satin ribbon that adds a touch of elegance to the ensemble.

Crowning this adorable arrangement is a 16cm long-eared blue bunny – a cuddly companion that will undoubtedly become a cherished keepsake for the little one. Adding a touch of creativity are a pair of blue socks expertly shaped into a charming rosebud, a whimsical detail that enhances the overall appeal of this delightful gift.

Our Mini Nappy Cake is not just a bundle of essentials; it's a gesture of love, care, and joy. Whether you're part of a baby shower, celebrating a gender reveal, welcoming a new arrival, or surprising a proud sibling, this compact creation is a symbol of warmth and best wishes.

Thoughtfully crafted and beautifully presented, our Mini Nappy Cake is a unique way to convey your congratulations to the growing family. Celebrate the special moments with a gift that combines practicality and charm, ensuring that your gesture is remembered long after the first baby giggles and tiny footsteps. Embrace the magic of new beginnings with this enchanting and memorable gift


This joyful nappy cake holds:

- 9 premium Pampers nappies
- Soft white muslin wrap
- 16cm Long Eared Blue Bunny
- Pair of blue socks shaped into a rosebud

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