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Baby and Toddler Milestone Chalkboard Tracker

Baby and Toddler Milestone Chalkboard Tracker


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Introducing the perfect companion for every parent's journey: the Hugs & Kisses Baby and Toddler Milestone Tracker Chalkboard! Crafted with care from durable MDF and featuring a charming chalkboard fascia, this milestone tracker is designed to capture and cherish every precious moment of your baby's growth.

With its generous dimensions of approximately 30cm x 1.2cm x 42cm, this tracker provides ample space to document all those unforgettable milestones. From baby's first smile to those adorable wobbly steps, record each milestone with ease using the included white chalk piece. Plus, the retail pack dimensions of 31cm x 2cm x 43cm make it an ideal choice for gifting at baby showers or as a welcome baby present.

This milestone tracker isn't just practical—it's also a delightful addition to any nursery décor. Featuring dedicated sections for baby's name, age, height, teeth, and more, it ensures that no milestone goes unnoticed. Take cute photos alongside the chalkboard to preserve these cherished memories forever.

Celebrate the joy of parenthood and capture every moment with the Hugs & Kisses Baby and Toddler Milestone Tracker Chalkboard. It's not just a gift—it's a keepsake that will be treasured for years to come.


Brand: Hugs & Kisses
Material MDF frame with chalkboard fascia
Supplied with white chalk piece
Approximate dimensions 30cm x 1.2cm x 42cm
Retail pack dimensions 31cm x 2cm x 43cm

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